Build Day: Part 3

Today I had some time this morning to try and put a wrap on the build. I had a bit of a “honey do” list that took me away from it for a while but I got the initial build completed. 

My XFX RX480 8GB GTR Black Edition came out of the old build and new white LED fans installed. 

Installed, cables hooked up and time to get Windows installed. I had to download a new media USB but got the install going.

There she is, running like a champ. Did some quick BIOS adjustments to change the red LEDs to white. Got Windows loaded and activated along with some software installed. 

A couple quick shots in its current state. 

Now for the setback. After some updates to Windows, now the PC won’t load into Windows. The PC now asked for me to install a boot device. BIOS still sees the drive but it’s a no go. That troubleshooting will have to wait until tomorrow night unfortunately. 

While I was inside Windows this morning, everything seemed great and snappy. That new SSD seems real nice. Until next time though. 


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