Build Night: Part 2

Tonight I didn’t do much.  I had some plans to game with the ATeam Gaming Community tonight so I needed to keep my GPU in my current system. I did however get the power supply unit installed and roughly wired up, ready for the GPU and OS installation.  So in a post dedicated to PSU, here it is.


I almost went with the G1 version but this was on sale for only $10 and I am very please thus far.


Nicely packaged, that is for sure. PSU in it’s own bag and a separate bag to hold the additional modular cabling like these:



Plenty of upgrade ability to add onto this.  I won’t come close to filling this PSU up.



Quick specs and a shot of the fan.


Inserted into the case, I had to remove the 2 thumb screws from the base of the case and place the metal spacer accordingly to the correct size of the PSU.  An added level of security to prevent the supply from moving.  4 screws into the front of it to attach to the case.


All the unused cables are now stored nicely in the bag.  This PSU also came with a 24 pin tester which is really nice for those troubleshooting days we all encounter.

That’s all for tonight though.  Cabling is roughed in and ready for tomorrow morning when I can hopefully get Windows installed onto it.  Just gotta wait for the custom PSU cable extensions and an LED header extension cable before I can wrap up with cable management and then the photo shoot.



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