Build Update (3/10/17)

Never in my life would I thought I would be saying this…

All parts for my build to get it up and running have been purchased and are on the way.  It is an amazing feeling to have and I could not have said feeling without the generosity of some key individuals. It starts with AMD for providing the Ryzen Box but they know how much I love them already.  The additional parts I talked about in my last post are the ones I thought may take a while to procure.  Turns out that Jeremy had a different plan.  He is one of the more caring and generous human beings I have ever known and pushed this build to get completed with a truly humble donation.

Thank you, Jeremy.  I can’t express how much it means to me for all the help you have provided me in this build and previous ones as well.

Lastly, I give a shout out to my parents for stepping up in a complete random timing/out of the blue type of way.  They hooked me up with the final piece of the build and I will now have the parts needed to get it up and running real soon.  All parts should be here by tomorrow so I am hoping for a weekend build.  Stay tuned for build notes and possibly a live stream or video in the process.



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