Build Night: Part 1

Much to my surprise, all the parts came in earlier than expected.  That means I get to start building and that’s what I did tonight.  I’m not planning on rushing the build as I have some things in mind that I want to make sure I do right.  Let’s take a look at the goodies.

All set and ready to go, I decided to unbox the case and take a look at it.

First thing I notice is some nice rubber feet as I take off​ the material cover.  Nice option over a plastic bag like my last 2 cases.

There she is.  Looks better than I thought it would. Inside was spacious as well.

A nice feature is the two 3.5″ drive bays on the bottom that plug into the SATA ports for a flush look. I won’t be using them right now as my secondary drive is a 2.5″ and has a holder in the back of the case for up to 4 of them.

I got the motherboard out and I decided to start here with prepping it with the new AM4 cooling adapter first.

There is the heart and soul of the system.  The AMD Ryzen 7 1700x.

Sitting in place with the Noctua brackets installed for a vertical position.

Next up was the Corsair RAM install.  Nice that the sticks are black.  They will go well with the setup.

The speed king is here! m.2 form factor NVME SSD from Samsung. I hear good things and it should be a killer OS drive. I was scared trying to install it.  Thought I was going to break it.

Quick shot of the i/o panel.  Very clean looking and I was glad it didn’t have any of those annoying metal tabs you need to make sure you don’t bend.  Cushioned backing and a solid fit.

Last shot for the night is the mother board installed with some rough hookups of the 3 case fans, CPU fan and front panel connectors.  Lots more left to do.  I have some lighting plans that I need some cabling for.  Not a fan of where the 4 pin LED headers is on the board but I will have to make due.

Until next time.



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