Ryzen Build Plans

In my last post I received a nice box of goodies from AMD.  I got a new Ryzen 7 1700x CPU, Noctua cooler, Corsair Vengence DDR4 RAM and a Gigabyte Motherboard. Such an awesome head start on a new build. Couldn’t be more happy about that. NOW…to procure the rest of the parts.  This was going to be the struggle with a $0 budget and a family mindset of ‘if you don’t need it, we don’t need to buy it’.

Here is what I know I will need:

ATX case, PSU, SSD boot drive and a new GPU if I want to keep my current build in tact.

Looking at the motherboard, I notice it’s black and white which I like.  I like black/white/red combinations so this should be relatively easy to build a theme.  My desk is black and white already and plus the Mobo has RGB capabilities on it so if I want to add a touch of red I can.  Theme is on lock.

For the case I always like the Air 540 from Corsair.  It looked spacious and had room to grow.  I have seen some really nice build in them already.  iWalkingCorpse and iWalkWithTheDead from the Red Team Plus have had some nice rigs of their own in this case. I knew I wanted it. Then to my surprise they make a white and black one! Immediately added to the wish list.

For the power supply I wanted around 750 watts to be safe.  It needed to be fully modular.  I wanted it to be fully modular because I am sure down the line I will want to get custom sleeved cables and I can just get the regular cable instead of an extensions. Nice thing about the case I’m planning on getting is that it’s dual chambered and the PSU will be hidden from view in the back of the case so looks aren’t too important on that one.

Now for the SSD I want something nice.  A few other people I talked to went with the m.2 design.  Getting the right version of the m.2 can utilize 4 lanes of PCI for increased speeds.  I went through some comparisons between specs and prices and I think I will want the Samsung 960 EVO 250 GB NVME SSD.  Seems like a killer boot drive and should make productivity all the more better providing almost 3 times the speed increase over a traditional SATA solid state drive.

Now the pricey one.  The GPU.  I love my current RX 480 and would love a second one in the build.  I came across the PERFECT one too.  There is an ASUS RX 480 8GB in white that would just totally make my PC pop!  It is last on the list but we’ll see what happens.  My current XFX 480 GTR Black edition is awesome and I can just pop it in my new build.

That should be all I need for this new build.  I still have a leftover 500GB HDD from an old build for a storage drive. Along with the CPU, cooler, mobo and RAM that AMD gave me, this should cover it.  I should also have a Windows 10 key available as well.  Can’t wait to get this build put together.



4 thoughts on “Ryzen Build Plans

      1. I know, that is always the anticipating part of builds. Then when they arrive you have three seconds of joy and admiration for the parts until you slam all of it together. haha

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