Well, this is a story all about how….

My life got flipped….no.  I won’t finish that but now I have it stuck in your head.

Anywho! I’m sitting here troubleshooting my PC and now I’m running a memory test so I figured I would grab the laptop and put in an entry to the ol’ blog.  I thought I would just tell a bit about how I got into PC gaming and PC’s in general without (hopefully) rambling on too much.

As a bit of a back story, I spent many years of my life working for Best Buy with the latter years being a part of the Geek Squad.  One of the perks for working in retail is accommodations from many different manufactures.  It was at the point that I was working with my now good friend Jeff that he told me about the Intel Retail Edge program. Jeff was a PC gamer and had build his own rigs while I was running a laptop and sometimes gaming on the peasant console. What the Retail Edge program did was rewarded you from taking quizzes and learning about the product and how to sell it (because it was retail after all).  You got points to use in a gift store to get all sorts of goodies from branded pens to gaming mice and keyboard.  There were contests, raffles and of course the bi-annually sale to get a CPU and MoBo for ridiculously cheap.  I was never able to purchase anything but I rocked the hell out of that program.  I was ranked #1 in the world for quite some time.  I won 2 Ultra-books, games, keyboards, mice… all sorts of stuff. From the games I got on here is where Jeff introduced me to Steam.  It is where I first played Half Life but never did much with PC gaming.

After leaving Best Buy that also meant leaving the Retail Edge program. No more freebies.  It was a sad day but moving into a legit IT field, I got to get more hands on with computers in an Enterprise environment which is where I really wanted to be.  Just a few short months into my new job, I brought Jeff in with me.  I began working with people with similar interests and I thought it was finally time to build my own PC. When I set out to do it, I needed to go for the biggest bang for my buck while keeping the cost down.  I was selling old music gear and recording software to afford to get my right.  I got some hand me down parts, won some RAM and took the plunge into the unfamiliar land of AMD for a change.  A coworker recently bought an FX8350 CPU and said it was great and would have all the power I would need. Now is when I started researching AMD products and came across the Red Team Community forums and stated getting my questions answered with additional insight.  I knew what I was going to buy at this point. I never went in with the intentions of building a gaming PC at all.  I was given an old NVIDIA Quadro GPU to give me an image due to the lack of integrated graphics on the FX line. I really wanted a desktop for a change that was modular and up-gradable while having some nice power to do whatever I wanted to do.

See My Rig for what I ended up building

I had just enough cash for the CPU, MoBo, PSU, case and SSD.  I rushed to Microcenter, got my rig and built it as fast as I could.  It was a nice feeling have put together my first rig. Then my friends wanted to play games.  As mentioned earlier, I didn’t have the GPU to do.  Albeit I was able to play the old Valve games including CSGO but I couldn’t even load the new Hitman I got for free with the CPU.  I played some basic games but really wanted that new GPU to round out the new rig.  I knew I was never going to be able to afford one but low and behold a contest came up on the Red Team Forums.  Long story short (too late!) I won one! Got me the ASUS R9 390x and I couldn’t have been happier.

From this point my abilities grew.  I was able to play pretty much anything.  I stumbled across the ATeam Gaming Community in which I am now a content creator with them. I stayed forever active with the Red Team Community and now I’m a Red Team Plus member.Lots of good has come my way over the past year.  There is such a great community of people out there that are so willing to help out in multiple different ways.  Coincidentally, just today I took a new PC case, threw in a MoBo, CPU, AiO cooler, HDD, RAM and my old 390x and gave my old friend Jeff a deal of a lifetime for it all.  Helped out a friend that helped me into the great PC Master Race.  Good karma always makes it way back.  It is a never ending cycle and I’m not looking to stop it any time soon.

I never know how to finish off some of these types of posts so I guess I’ll just sit on my throne as the Prince of Bell Air.


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