Just one of the fantastic perks of being an AMD Red Team Plus member is sometimes you get some pretty fantastic hardware.  I just got an XFX RX480 GTR Black Edition and it is something pretty special.  This is one awesome card and packs quite a bit of punch, especially at the price point.  While I love my ASUS R9 390x, I really wanted to have that latest architecture in my rig.

It really is an awesome looking card as well.  While I would like to have some of the LED hard swap fans (Red would be good for this build), it IS only for show so I can’t spend the money on them.  The GPU also runs really cool in my PC.  I played some Division on Ultra and also ran a Unigine Heaven benchmark and it sat around 57-60 C.  Pretty good in my book.

Here are a few pics of the GPU and swap that I just did.


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