First Stream for AMD

Well….I made it through it.  While it wasn’t my first stream, it was my first on a much larger platform.  Since I became a Red Team Plus member, I decided to take a crack at joining the Stream Team as well.  I did my first stream just mere months ago thanks to members of the ATeam Gaming Community urging me to give it a try.  Then a generous community member shipped my a webcam and I started dabbling.  Did a few one off streams until I decided to just try to make it consistent thing to get better at it.  Now I am a Content Creator with the ATGC and stream Thursday nights with them on either Beam or Twitch. Taken my experience from doing that for a bit I asked to be on the AMD Stream team and they let me (suckers!…I kid).

I ran my first stream just yesterday on Halloween and for the most part went good.  As I expected, I had an ‘oops’ moment when the mic didn’t unmute in the beginning.  It killed my intro but seemed to recover with minimum casualties.  I had some other AMDRTP members playing The Forest with me and a bunch of viewers also hanging out in chat.  It was fun and I should be making it a regular Monday night thing.  Check out the video on demand by following the link below.

Saga Streams The Forest with the #AMDRTP


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