Got my GPU

I got my GPU last Friday 6/3 and I am very pleased so far.  I did a live unboxing that night of it.

I was expecting the Strix model as that is what the paperwork from AMD stated but I got the standard model from ASUS.  Still nice nonetheless and I cannot complain for free product.


I did some initial testing with out of the box settings and they are not too bad in my opinion.

VR Test

Of course the VR test showed that I am ready as well with High settings.  I got to play Hitman this weekend and it plays very smooth.  Weird that I cannot get that benchmark to finish and the same goes with other people trying as well.  Glitch with the coding I guess.  I am happy playing some games but a new monitor will definitely be next on the list to get to really show what this card can do.


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