My Rig

Lets start of this site with the goods.  What am I working with? Well…

*Updated 1/24/17 New pics to come soon

“The Saga’s Rig”

AMD FX-8370 4.3 GHz
CPU Cooling:
AMD Wraith Cooler (air)
1x XFX RX480 GTR Black Edition
16GB Ballistix Tactical Tracer 1600
ASRock Fatal1ty 970M Pro3
Primary Drive:
SSD Crucial BX200 240 GB
Secondary Drive:
HDD – Western Digital Black 7500 GB
Optical Drive:
HP DVD1260
Sound Card:
M-Audio M-Track
Power Supply:
Corsair CX-600M
Fractal Arc 2 Mini (Red Team + Branded)
Windows 10 Professional
Nixeus NX-VUE24B & Acer AL2016W
Corsair M65 Pro
Mouse Pad:
Corsair MM300
Corsair K70 Rapidfire
Sony MDR-7506
Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD
External microphone:
Yescom Condenser Microphone
Thrustmaster GPX Lightback
This is my first build I have done.  I just put it together on April 28th, 2016.  Some parts were given to me either new or hand me downs.  Crucial/Ballistix gave me the RAM kit because they are awesome like that. I originally was going to put in four 4GB sticks of HyperX Beast RAM but I am happier with the two 8GB of Ballistix Tactical Tracer that I got.  I have the ability to add 2 more if needed.
I had my heart set on the CPU and didn’t want to deviate from that.  Right now the cooler is doing great.  I will eventually want to get an AiO setup to help with some future overclocking I plan on doing.  ALTHOUGH…the MoBo I picked up is not the greatest for OCing from what I read.  I hear the cooling on the VRMs are not great and it gets pretty hot.  I might try and do a little to start.  The Motherboard is very budget friendly.  I only paid $47 for it since it was bundled with the CPU.
I really do like the case and there were some added bonuses in it that weren’t in the specs of the case.  Instead of one 120mm LED fan in the front and one 120mm fan in the back, I got 3 LED fans in total and there were 2 in the front and both 140mm in size.  SCORE!  It really added to the aesthetics and cooling of the PC.
I had to make sure I got an SSD in this machine.  I went with a 240GB due to price but I just put the OS on it.  The 2 HDDs I put into a RAID 0 array and put all media, games, documents and whatnot on it.  So far so good with that.
You can see I have a crap GPU but it was free and gives me an image.  The monitor is an old hand me down and is just under HD resolution and don’t get me started on my keyboard and mouse.  Overall I am very pleased with the setup.  I did some tinkering with the UEFI BIOS setup and with the ASRock F-Stream Tuner software.  I can’t wait to do more.
Latest pics (newer ones to come hopefully soon)

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